Ember Miami

By J. Fung Aug 11, 2019

Ember – a glowing fragment (as of coal) from a fire (Webster Definition)

The epicurean 305 definition of Ember – Chef Brad Kilgore’s hottest new restaurant in Miami’s Design District. With an impressive menu, you will want to try the entire menu on your first visit. We were happy to have a dining party of 4 to try a diverse selection from their menu. Ember is a wood-fired American bistro focusing on wood fired dishes, smoke laden meats, pastas and shareable sides. From Appetizers, Main Dishes, to Desserts, we will share our favorites with you from our epicurean evening at Ember. Let’s get our culinary memories from the evening started!

Specialties of the House

Specialties from Ember are not traditionally grilled or cooked over fire. Roasted Cornbread Custard is made with bone marrow butter, beef ragout, & herb salad. A popular choice, the Fire Roasted Lasagna, is made with maitake bolognese, gruyere fondue, & fresh basil.


Diverse selection of entrees include the popular Smoked Fried Chicken with caviar butter, Ribeye with option of classic or “Embered”, and the Scottish Salmon with green olive butter, greens, and pickled mustard seeds


Delicious sides to share complements all entrees. The Mac & Cheese is topped with chicken skin crumbles. The Spring Poutine can be found in the Starters and is made with green garlic, boursin emulsion, and truffle vinaigrette.


One word: Amazing!! The Creme Brûlée presentation in Ember Style! Made with bourbon & brown sugar custard served with cinnamon Roll Crisps. Our second selection was the Maduro Cream Pie. Made with brown butter maduros, banana, toasted coconut meringue (doubling its height as the tallest pie in Miami!), served with Coquito Ice Cream.

Ember is off to a great start and will be a favorite dining destination for many years in Miami. For more information and menus at Ember, please visit embermiami.com